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Every cake, cookie or confection you find at Sweet Connections Bakery is carefully hand made to perfection, with great pride taken in the preparation, baking and delivery of each product.

Thank you for visiting Sweet Connections Bakery!  I am excited that you've found my website and look forward to sharing our scrumptious treats with you. I hope that you find each cake, cupcake and other creation to be uniquely flavored with unmatched flavor. If you are looking to spoil your guests with delectable desserts, you've come to the right place! Order today and fall in love with cake all over again.




Sweet Connections Bakery founder, Carol Karsky, grew up in North Dakota, where she was raised on a farm with her parents and four brothers.

Every day Carol would come home from school to enjoy her mother’s fresh baked treats. This daily baking ritual and special time together in the kitchen left a lasting impression on her. When Carol grew up she always enjoyed baking and tried to make the much loved desserts she remembered as a child. After many years of her sharing her baked goods with friends and co-workers, she decided it was time to open her own home-based bakery and that is how Sweet Connections Bakery was established.

Through SCB, Carol honors her family’s dedication to their baking traditions, and her commitment to providing others with sweet confections that will leave a lasting impression on them.

I’m sure you most likely recall a that special cake, candy or dessert as part of your birthday or some other celebration. Cakes have that way of bringing us all together to celebrate life events; but why should we wait to have them only at celebrations. A beautiful cake can bring joy to any day of our life. I hope you enjoy Sweet Connections Bakery for all of your special occasions, as well as any and all days in between.”

Thank you for sharing your celebrations with my family recipes.


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